Microsoft to Improve Windows 8 User Interface for Non Touch Devices

Windows 8 user interface has been a subject of debate ever since its launch. In departure from the original PC desktop UI, Windows 8 user interface uses the tiled version which is the same used on Windows Phone mobile devices.

Windows 8 Launch

However, Windows Phone itself has been a failure so far and, therefore, not surprisingly Windows 8 for desktop users has also been a far from a hit product.

Consumer PC sales have seen a nosedive at double digit rates since the introduction of Windows 8. However, despite all this poor performance, Microsoft has today committed again that the tile look of Windows 8 is here to stay.

At a pre MWC conference in Barcelona, Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore said that users having a touch screen laptop preferred Windows 8 over Windows 7. However, he also admitted that users of Windows on non-touch enabled devices consider Windows 7 to be better than Windows 8.

He also said that Microsoft plans to improve the Windows 8 tile interface for desktop and non touch enabled devices. For example power, search control and settings will be made more visible. By right clicking on a tile, the contextual information related to that tile will be made visible. Users will also see the red X button when an app takes over screen.

However, it is loud and clear that Microsoft is not going to give up on the touch interface of Windows 8. Belfiore said:

 “I want to set the record straight: We love touch. None of this has the intention of degrading the touch experience.”

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