Microsoft Issues Advice on zero-day Internet Explorer Vulnerability

There is a zero-day Internet Explorer vulnerability being targeted by hackers and Microsoft has issued an advisory for users of Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Windows Internet Explorer 9 Slide

The vulnerability was first pointed out by the web security firm Fireeye and Microsoft has credited both Symantec and Fireeye for working with Microsoft in identifying the vulnerability.

The hackers are targeting this “use after free” vulnerability which allows remote code execution. If the user visits a hacker’s website in Internet Explorer 9 or 10, the hacker can potentially gain control of his or her system. Presently the vulnerability in itself does not allow escalation of privileges. But given that most Windows users already run their Windows under administrative privileges, it can be quite serious.

Microsoft has said that IE versions 6, 7, 8 and 11 are not prone to this vulnerability, therefore, your best bet is to upgrade your Internet Explorer browser to IE 11.

Microsoft has also released a fix for this but this does not address the vulnerability itself. If you want to continue using IE 9 0r 10 then do install this fix to ensure that your internet browsing is safe.

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