Microsoft Makes it Easier to Switch from Macbook to Surface Book

surface-bookWhen Surface Book was launched earlier this month, Microsoft had compared it with MacBook pro. And if there was any doubt that Microsoft wants MacBook Pro users to switch to Surface Book then there is no doubt now because Microsoft has created a special website for helping Mac users port over to Sufrace Book. The website has been made to make the switch easier with information about keyboard shortcuts, searching a Windows 10 PC, trackpad changes etc.

The website created by Microsft actually addresses all the important questions that Mac Users might ask when they are considering moving to Surface Book. There are tutorials too for migrating files, photos and even email. And there is even a special guide if you are using iTunes and iCloud too. These are old days only in the reverse order. Apple had launched a campaign in 2002 named “switch” that tried to convince users to switch from Windows to MacBook. Things are quite ironic but the website shows it how easily it is now to switch from OS X to Windows in this year 2015.

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