Microsoft Making Thin Profits From OEMS with Windows 8.1

Microsoft has not disclosed so far how much it will be going to charge the PC makers or customers of Windows 10.

However, a document is available on the OEM Partner Center site of Microsoft which lists down how much Microsoft is charging from OEMs for Windows 8.1 for tablets. Windows 8.1

According to the pricing information that is available for Windows 8.1, the price for tablets under 9 inches screen size is $10 per copy but after figuring in a “configuration discount” of the equal amount, OEMs get this for free practically. And for devices with screen sizes 10.1 inches or more, the price per copy is $25 and after the “configuration discount” of $10, the price per copy that OEMs pay is $15.

Perhaps Microsoft might drop some hints about its pricing for Windows 10 at its Windows 10: The Next Chapter event schedule for January 21, but if Microsoft keeps following the path that it has been following in case of Windows 8.1, then there is every chance that it will be foregoing heavy OEM charges and try to make up for this by earning revenue from the attached services.

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