Microsoft Might Allow to Run Android Apps on Windows

In a bid to improve the struggling fortunes of Windows platform, Microsoft is reportedly seriously considering to allow to run Android apps on windows not only on Windows for PCs but also on its Windows Phone.Reign Of The Android

According to a report by The Verge, the senior executives at Microsoft are currently busy in weighing the pros and cons of this but the feelings are both “strong” and “mixed.”

Once the all dominant Windows platform has seen its share of the computing devices eroding away quickly after the launch of tablets and mobile devices where Android from Google and iOS from Apple are major players and Windows Phone is only a VERY distant third player.

Some vocal advocates of Android running on Windows argue that Microsoft might address its current problems by allowing Android to run on Windows. If Microsoft decides this, it will open up hundreds of thousands of new software for Windows users especially when majority of the developers are now focusing on developing applications for Android and iOS and not the Windows.

However, Windows might have to think through this because this strategy has failed in case of Blackberry that allowed running of Android apps after its BB10 release.

It is also possible to run android apps on Windows even now.

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