Microsoft Negotiating DailyMotion Deal With Orange

Microsoft is negotiating a possible deal with Orange, the Frech telecom company, for some kind of partnership that involves DailyMotion. Daily Motion is a video streaming web destination like YouTube and Yahoo almost bought it last year.


According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Stephane Richard, the CEO of Orange, said in a interview that the talks with Microsoft over Dailymotion were ongoing. However, he clarified that the proposed deal was not final yet and might even not take a final shape.

Richard also said that in case a deal is reached, there is no chance that Orange will give up the majority controlling stake in DailyMotion. Yahoo bid for DailyMotion for a controlling stake last year but the deal could not go through after it was rejected by French Government which has a minority share in DailyMotion.

Orange has been looking for ways in the past to expand DailyMotion to attractive overseas markets like United States.

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