Microsoft Offers 100GB Free OneDrive Storage If You Use Bing

Microsoft is making efforts to promote both its cloud storage service OneDrive and Bing in conjunction and is offering 100 GB free OneDrive storage if you use its Bing search engine.


Users can earn this free OneDrive storage by using Bing Rewards, which is a Microsoft promotion aimed at giving users credits whenever they use Bing search engine from Microsoft. The rewards such earned can be traded off for gift cards etc.

Now Microsoft has said that users can trade off 100 credits of Bing Rewards for getting 100 GB free storage on OneDrive, which is the newly re-branded cloud storage service from the company and was earlier known as SkeyDrive.

Earning 100 credits is not difficult at all and users can earn these 100 credits on Bing Rewards in six days. Once a a user signs up for Bing Rewards, he or she gets an immediate creidt of 20 credits and then gets 15 credits for each day use of Bing Search engine. Those who have already signed up for Bing Rewards can collect these 100 credits in seven days.

OneDrive offers 7 GB of free storage on sign up but 100 GB storage costs $50 per year normally.

Those who are interested in Bing Rewards can sign up for the promotion at

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