Microsoft Offers 100GB Free OneDrive Storage

Microsoft is offering a free extra storage of 100GB to the first 100,000 users who sign in to their OneDrive accounts on Wednesday after the promotion starts. The additional storage will be additional to your already available OneDrive (which was formerly SkyDrive) storage but this extra storage will last for one year only unless you pay to renew it. Microsoft_OneDrive

Microsoft has said that it will not disclose the exact time when the promotion starts but users can check OneDrive’s Twitter account for hints about the start of promotion.

Microsoft launched OneDrive on Wednesday as a re-branded version of its former cloud storage service called SkyDrive. To celebrate the launch of OneDrive, Microsoft is offering free storage of 7GB and another 5GB can bet added by referrals. If you activate the camera backup feature of OneDrive, then you can add another free 3GB storage.

Those of you who will not be able to snatch this free 100GB storage can buy additional storage later one at $25 per year for 50GB, $50 per year for 100GB and $100 per year for 200GB.

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