Microsoft Office 365 Free for 3 Days for iPad Users

office-ipadThis is the big news of the day: Microsoft has released its Office for iPad, which is made up of three distinct apps which are Powerpoint, Excel and Word. These apps are free for viewing documents but if you want to edit documents in Office for iPad, you need to buy a Microsoft Office 365 subscription which costs 99.99 every year.

However, Microsoft is promoting the launch of Office for iPad by offering a free one year subscription of Office 365 to those first 50 customers who bring and iPad to their nearby Microsoft store. So if you have a Microsoft store nearby and want to get free Office for iPad then rush to a nearby Microsoft Store for getting included in the first 50.

The deal is very attractive and will be available from March 28th through March 30th. So rush to save $100 by heading over to nearest Microsoft store.

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