Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android is Free Now

office for iphoneMobile apps of Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android are now totally free for all home users, according to a Microsoft blog post. Earlier an Office 365 subscription was required for editing the documents but now full viewing and editing is absolutely free.

This is an excellent marketing move by Microsoft which will make Office for iPhone and Android an absolute essential download for all users.

While no one will like to make edits to complex documents on these tiny mobile screens but Microsoft hopes that this will bring in customers for the Office 365 subscription for desktops and also for the iPad version. Office 365 subscription currently costs $99 per year.

According to Microsoft, the free versions of Office for iPhone and Android are for home users only which means that businesses might still need to have a subscription. However, it might be a tough task to enforce this. Because it will be impossible for Microsoft to stop employees from installing Office on thier personal phones and perform their work.

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