Microsoft to Release Major Update to Windows 8.1 This Spring

Joe Belfiore from Microsoft has told at the Mobile World Congress today that Microsoft is going to release a major update to Windows 8.1 this spring. He said that the main focus of update will be towards an improved user experience on Windows 8.1.


There have been many leaks in recent past for this “Update 1” all of which have been confirmed by Belfiore like prominence of power, search buttons on the Start screen as previously and introduction of a title bar at top of modern apps.

Other improvements will include easy launch and apps switching from Windows 8.1 taskbar and improved right click user interface.

With the spring update of Microsoft Windows 8.1, it will also be possible for OEMs to load Windows on PCs with lower RM and storage. Bilfiore said that the minimum requirements for PC makers for Windows 8.1 now are 1GB RAM and 16GB storage, which will likely mean lower priced Windows devices. This might also complement the strategy under which Microsoft recently lowered Windows 8.1 licensing fees by 70 percent for PC makers for devices that will cost lower than $250.

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