Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review – Still Needs Improvements

Microsoft has been trying for the last three years, without success, that its tablets can replace laptops. But it appears that Microsoft has stopped pushing that idea with Surface Pro 4, which is very similar to Surface Pro 3 in appearance but there are some big changes that the 18 months gap between the two has inspired.

Surface Pro 4 is slightly lighter than pro 3, however, the overall width and height is the same. Essentially it is a fully functional Windows 10 PC, only lighter and more portable.

The biggest improvement that comes with Surface Pro 4 is the improved Type Cover which is still sold separately for $130. The trackpad is also larger, in fact 40 percent larger, but still not comparable with those found on laptops.

There is also an improved Surface Pen which provides an improved writing experience and it takes notes perfectly. Artists may like it too because of its sensitive touch pressure. It is still not possible to use it for extended periods of time in tablet mode because of its weight which is 1.73lbs.

The based model comes with Core M chip and 4GM of RAM and is priced at $899. The more expensive models come with RAM up to 16 GB and Core i5 or Core i7 processors. The processor and RAM are good enough to give a smooth performance. Battery life is similar to Pro 3 which is about 6 hours. It is powered by Windows 10 which works perfectly for most of the time.

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