Microsoft to Offer Cheaper Microsoft Office at $70

Soon Microsoft will start offering a cheaper version of its popular Office software named Office365 Personal. This will cost per year $70 or monthly $7.

The consumer will be able to install it on two devices, one of which has to be a tablet and one can be either a PC or a Mac. Microsoft has explained that one of the devices has to have a touch screen.

This might also be an indication that Microsoft Office might be coming for iPad finally because in the absence of that the price of $70 is on the higher side. Presently you can get Microsoft Office Student and Home editions for one time payment of $100.

Other options for buying Office are: the version that costs $99 per year and can be installed on five different devices. The two device version presently costs $80.

However, if you are not after all the shiny features of Microsoft Office then you can always use the free alternative LibreOffice.Org. It opens all MS Office documents.

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