Microsoft Will Warn Windows XP Users With pop-ups for Upgrade

Microsoft will warn Windows XP users with pop-ups about the expiring support. Microsoft has already announced that it will stop support for Windows XP from 8th of April.

Windows XP Pro Luna Blue

The notices will start appearing next week on Windows XP users’ machines starting March 8th. The pop-up will have a link pointing to Microsoft’s end of support site for Windows XP.

Microsoft has also announced that it will release a new data migration software for helping users migrate from old PCs with Windows XP to new PCs with currently supported Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. This tool has been developed by Laplink and copies users’ videos, files, emails, music, user profiles and other Windows related settings from their old PC to new PC.

If your computer is running with a blue taskbar and a green colored Start button then you are using Windows XP. However, for users who are not aware of which Windows version they are using, Microsoft is launching a site to help them identify their OS. This site will also be encouraging Windows XP users to one of the supported versions of Windows.

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