Mobile Hurting Google’s Search Lead

Google SearchA latest research indicates that Google is finding it hard on the mobile platform to maintain its leadership compared with the desktop where it is undisputed king.

Google, in general, has been seeing its share of the mobile advertising market decrease over the years, a report from EMarketer notes. In the year 2012, Google had a share of 82.8% in mobile advertising which reduced to 68.5% in 2013 and is project to shrink even more to 64.2% by the year 2016.

This is probably due to the fact that for mobile users search engine is the not the first landing place for finding information because they have other options in the form of apps. For example, they use Yelp to locate their favorite restaurant and Kayak for travel related information.

However, there is still some hope for Google because the same report from Emarketer projects that the mobile advertising will continue to grow as companies spend more budget on mobile advertising. Emarketer has projected that by the year 2018, companies will be spending as much as $28.41 billion which is currently $17.73 billion.

Google had already seen this coming and that is why it started focusing on smartphones early on and developed the world’s most popular Android mobile operating system. But how far Google can arrest the decline remains to be seen.

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