15 Most Popular Apps in the US in April

Apps are ever more popular with more than 1.2 million apps available for download in the Apple App Store and more than one million apps in Google’s Play Store.

Analytics company comScore has released the list of 15 most popular apps for both Android and iOS in the United States in the month of April and some of the apps entries may be a little surprising.

The full list of the 15 most popular apps is given at the end.

As expected Facebook has bagged the top position with a reach of 74.1 percent which means that Facebook is used by 74.1 percent of the people who own a smartphone. In comparison, Twitter got a score of 20.4 percent which means one in five smartphone users are regular tweeters.

YouTube is at number 3 ahead of Google search with a reach of almost 50 percent. The surprise entries are Google Maps and Google Play. Both these apps come preinstalled on almost all Android smartphones but it is worth noting that Google Maps is still preferred over Apple Apps.

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