Most Popular Popcorn Time Version has Been Shut Down

popcorn-timePopcorn Time has taken the illegal torrent movie streaming to a new level by easy interface and by hiding what was happening behind the software. It was rightly called Netflix for pirates because it streamed latest movies which could not be found even on Netflix.

However, one of the two popular version of Popcorn Time has been shut down forever because a dispute arose between the developers of the software. The website is not available now and one of the developers has took to Twitter to announce that the app does not work anymore and that it might be the last message from the developer.

The dispute between the developers of Popcorn Time arose over deployment of a VPN. The developers were against the idea and said that it exposed them to legal challenges. The core developers left. While the remaining developers tried to maintain the app but they could not because they had lost control of the domain and the leaving developers had changed the DNS of the domain.

So the question is: Is Popcorn Time dead? the answer is both yes and no. While this version is no more available, another equally popular version called Time4Popcorn remains available at domain name.

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