Motorola to Sell Moto X at $100 Discount for $299

It is again time for Moto X to be on sale. Motorola will offer Moto X for $299 off contract for all carriers for one hours on Monday, January 27th. The new promotion will run between 3 to 4PM ET.

This will be lowest ever price of Moto X which is $1oo lower than the recently slashed price of $399. Motorola will use the same sale process that it used for the similar promotion last year. The customers will be able to register during the sale and get a coupon code which will entitle them to discount.

The discount code will be good for $1oo off any off contract Mot X in the US, which will also include the Developer edition and 32GB models.

If you happen to miss the one hour sale, Moto X will be available $70 off through out 27th January to 14th February, the Valentine’s Day. Moto X appears to extremely appealing at both the discount prices and continue to remain one of the most recommended Android smartphones.

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