Mozilla Hires CTO Brendan Eich as New CEO

brendan-eich-mozillaMozilla has been looking for the new CEO since its CEO Gary Kovacs announced to leave the company almost a year ago and now it has hired its CTO Brendan Eich as the new CEO.

Eich is well respected in the tech circles as one of the inventors of JavaScript in 1995. He has been associated with Mozilla since the earliest days when it was developing the first Netscape Navigator and has been engaged with Firefox browser right from the first version.

He has been working at CTO at Mozilla since 2005. In an interview with CNET, Eich has said that the main focus of his efforts will be to mainstream Firefox OS and especially $25 Firefox OS powered phones.

With an ever shrinking desktop browser market, and having been too dependent on Google in the past, it is a do or die situation for Mozilla. Time will tell if Eich could place Firefox OS as the third most used smartphone OS and replace Windows Phone.

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