Mozilla Stops ‘Metro’ Based Version of Firefox Internet Browser

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Mozilla is going to stop work on developing a touch based Metro style version of its popular Firefox browser for users of Windows 8. Metro Firefox was first unveiled in last October and was in continuous development since then, though no stable version has been released so far.

Vice President of Firefox Johnathan Nightingale has said in a blog post that the pre-release versions of Firefox Metro has seen very slack response and at the most 1,000 active daily users were using it whereas expectations were for millions of users. He said that with such little interest in Firefox Metro, the browser would have been prone with bugs and issues, therefore, Mozilla is pulling the plug on it.

This decision by Mozilla is indicative of the trouble Microsoft has had with its Windows 8 whose touch based user experience has not really picked up. Even the next Windows 8 update will allow users to directly boot to Windows 8 desktop completely bypassing metro style interface.

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