My Spy Sells iPhone 5S Preloaded With Spyware

If you want to keep an eye on what your significant other is doing, then My Spy‘s iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4 are the options because the company is selling these smartphones with pre-loaded spyware.

The spying software that is pre-installed can record all text messages, calls,  internet activity, places visited and sends you the logs.

The spying software from My Spy has been in business since 2011 but now the company is selling brand new smartphones with one year subscription to the software already installed.

The spying software rungs in an invisible mood without notifying the user that the activities are being monitored. Previously the spyware had to be installed on the phone of the person you would like to monitor but now you can just gift a brand new iPhone or Galaxy S4 from My Spy with the spyware already activated.

However, the company warns that in most of the states it is a requirements of the law to notify the user that the activities are being monitored. The company is publicizing the use cases like a parent monitoring a child’s activity or an employee’s activity being monitored by the employer.

The software is very accurate, according to Adam Tanner from Forbes.

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