Net Neutrality Suffers a Blow From European Parliament

itnernetThe EU parliament has not approved the legal amendments to a legal draft that would have protected the concept of net neutrality in Europe. The European Parliament has approved a new draft which has the loopholes that experts say can be used to compromise net neutrality and to create a tiered internet service.

The new legislation allows the creation of internet fast lanes for specialized services and also allows zero-rated products for apps and services that do not add up to the monthly data packages. Experts say that the zero rating loophole can be used by the ISPs to favor certain commercial services over others.

While the concept of internet fast lanes makes sense for “specialized services” like future self driving cars or remote surgeries by surgeons, but the experts are of the view that the language of the draft is too vague and can be used by the ISPs to charge bigger companies for faster access.

The new legislation approved by the EU parliament also allows ISPs to give preferential speeds based on data type – for example video calls may be given preference over emails. Experts have worried that ISPs might not give enough preference to encrypted traffic because they can not decipher the type of data.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator oft he world wide web, had earlier written an open letter in which he had described the proposed rules as a threat to “innovation, free speech and privacy”. Experts are of the view that the approved rules are weaker even than those approved by FCC in US.


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