Netflix Blocking Region Locks Bypass Services

Netflix at homeNetflix movies and TV shows available in the United States are different from other countries where Netflix is available. Because of the issues of international and copyright law, the streaming available varies from region to region and country to country. However, many tech savvy users of Netflix have found ways to bypass these region locks and this is not liked by Netflix.

A large number of users reply on Virtual Private Network (VPNs) to access Netflix though they are physically present at other locations. Another bypass technique is to use custom DNS settings. However, Netflix appears to be plugging these loopholes. According to a report from Torrent Freak, some of the most popular VPN services like TorGuard are experiencing errors when trying to connect to Netflix services.

At present the problem is not very widespread. However, it is sure that the Android app of Netflix forces users to use Google DNS servers which makes it impossible to use the region lock bypass services. This is quite depressing for people who rely on such services and methods to access Netflix entertainment but given the global expansion of Netflix and the money involved, this is more likely to happen on a larger scale in the coming months.

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