New Samsung Watch may Already be Outdated by Next Year

It is one of the most hated things in the world – you buy something and then you come to know that it will be already outdated in a few months.

According to Bloomberg, the same fate awaits new Samsung Watch. ¬†Samsung is soon going to unveil its latest tech gadget, a smart watch powered by Google’s Android OS. Named Galaxy Gear, the smart watch will be the prime news at the Samsung News conference being help on September 4 in Berlin.

samsung smartwatch

The smart watch version of Samsung will have features like handling calls, surfing web, telling you time and displaying email and many others. There are reports that it will need a smartphone to perform most of its functions and the biggest missing thing will be that the display will not be flexible.

Smart watch ventures of Sony and Motorola Mobility have failed in the past. Apple is also reportedly making its own iWatch. But Samsung is desperate to beat its biggest rival on this and want to rush its smart watch earlier than Apple.

But in its haste, some of the groundbreaking features are not there in the first version to be released by Apple.

Therefore, those buying early versions of Samsung smart watch should not be worried if they find it already outdated in a year.

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