New York Hotel Has $500 Fine Policy for Negative Reviews

unionstreet-guest-houseInternet has given power in the hands of the customers as far as posting public reviews is concerned. Most business will try to remove the negative reviews by contacting the customer and trying to make them feel good by making amends.

However, the Union Street Guest House in New York, took a totally different approach which has invited irony of the internet.

Union Street Guest House had, until recently, a policy on their website which notified the users that if any of the guest leaves a negative review about hotel online, the hotel will find $500 from the deposit made by the couple with the hotel. The hotel promised to refund the money if the bad review in question was removed.

The hotel has since removed this policy after it was criticized online. Their Facebook page has currently 1.5 star review. The Yelp page of Union Street Guest House took even a bigger hit and currently has 1 star rating.

The hotel has now posted a note on Facebook which reads: “The policy regarding wedding fines was put on our site as a tongue-in-cheek response to a wedding many years ago. It was meant to be taken down long ago and certainly was never enforced.” The website of the hotel has also been updated with a new policy after removing the fine print.

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