Nexus 6P Review – The New Best Android Phone

The reviewers are agreeing on one thing: Nexus 6P is a premium phone and has joined the league of best android phones.

It is a solid phone with an aluminum frame with chamfered corners and with 90 degree angles. However, the build is such high quality that these will not feel rough in hand. There are three colors: silver, white and black. The size is the same as iPhone 6S plus a bit taller than Note 5.

The screen is 5.7 inches having dual speakers. The display is a high resolution 2560×1440 AMOLED with 518 PPI. The display is definitely bright and sharp. Nexus 6P comes with an excellent 12 MP camera from Sony supporting 4K video too. Though camera is not as good as on other competing phones but keep in mind that the price of this phone is $150 less than others.

It comes  with a powerful 2GHz Qualcomm napdragon 810 processor and is shipped with 3GB RAM. With these at the backend, you will not feel any lag while playing even the most intensive games on it. The base model of Nexus 6P comes with 32GB storage. Batter time is about 8 hours. And another feature worth noting is that the battery charges really fast. There is also a USB Type-charging port.

It is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the OS looks great on it. The phone starts at $499 and there is not a single other phone of this caliber in the market with this price. The tech site The Verge has given it a score of 8.8 which is very high and it has put this phone in the category of best Android phones.

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