Nokia to Launch 6-inch Windows Phone Named Nokia Bandit

Nokia is all set and planning to release a big screen Windows Phone late into this year. The Verge has reported , citing may sources, that Nokia is busy testing a 6 inch gadget powered by the most updated version of Windows Phone. The device has been code-named Bandit and has 1080p display and is powered by a Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon processor. It is expected that Bandit will be the first in the series of many to come 1080p Windows Phone gadgets.

'Nokia Lumia 800' photo (c) 2011, mbiebusch - license:

It is also reported that Bandit will come with at least a 20-megapixels back camera which gives it a bit of hump at the back to accommodate this powerful camera. It is also claimed that Bandit will be a lightweight and thin device with Polycarbonate outer frame.

Microsoft is also busy tweaking Windows Phone to enable it to support 1080p display devices with more columns of Live Tiles on the Home screen.

The latest update of Windows phone also has features like Driving Mode, rotation lock and other many smaller user interface tweaks.

The Verge has claimed that Nokia Bandit is currently being tested on network of AT&T and will be launched at the end of the year in United States.

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