Nokia’s Android Phone Pictures Leaked

nokiaandroidphoneThere have been earlier reports that Nokia is building an android phone which was code-named “Normandy,” and now Evleaks has posted some leaked picture of Nokia’s Android phone which appears to be a custom implementation of android with also three example of tweaks by Nokia to Android user interface.

One device shows a Skype app running, another device shows the phone dialer of Viber app of Android and a third device depicts a lock-screen with the notification center.

The user interface appearing on the images appears to be a mixture of Windows Phone and Asha and is indicative of support for dual sim.

It is still totally unknown if Nokia’s Android phone will ever see light of the day because Microsoft is likely to complete acquisition of Nokia very soon which might leave this Nokia Android phone project in total jeopardy.

There have been previous reports that Nokia is using a customized version of Android which is not in sync with Google’s Android versions.

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