NSA Pretended as Facebook Servers for Spying on Users

Edward Snowden keeps rocking NSA and keeps spilling secrets that are embarrassing for NSA and US government. Now according to a report by The Intercept, NSA used technique that involved pretending as Facebook servers for spying on users.


One of the videos leaked by Edward Snowden detail how NSA can direct unsuspecting user to its own manipulated server when he tries to log on to Facebook. Once the user enters his credentials, NSA can then spy on his Facebook using his credentials.

The video shows a man using his laptop and when he opens Facebook, a middle NSA server detects his request and routes his request to a server of its own pretending as Facebook. The man, unknowingly, downloads a virus from NSA on his computer, along with the Facebook page.

Facebook has said that it is not aware of any information that NSA used this technique but has said that after new security measures on Facebook now it is not possible.

There is no information that how many individual Facebook users have been targeted by NSA using this technique.

The NSA in its statement has said that it does monitor “exclusively where there is a foreign intelligence or counterintelligence purpose and all of NSA’s operations are strictly conducted under the rule of law.”

Watch the NSA video in action below:

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