NSA Proud of its Cyberwarfare Offensive Capabilities

The confidence of National Security Agency about waging a cyberwarfare is very high. So high that it brags about it. According to new documents leaked by Edward Snowden and published by Der Spiegel, NSA not only has been preparing itself for digital battles but it also proudly boasts about its capabilities for this.

For example, it says if you attack computers of American government, it “can drink yHack-a-Thonour milkshake”. NSA not only pointed the origin of attack on the Department of Defense systems by China in 2009 but also successfully compromised networks of Chinese intelligence and monitored the spying efforts by the Chinese.

NSA carefully ensures to use the same tools and methods of attacks that are used by the attackers against them and at the same time also develops its own sophisticated attacks against other countries’ critical information systems e.g like energy grids. And agents working for NSA very carefully hide their tracks by using “scapegoat” server targets by putting the enemy off scent.

What is worrying is that NSA has all the willingness to use these “fourth party tools” against any country, irrespective of being allies with that country, if it is not part of Five Eyes Alliance which includes Canada, Australia, UK, US and New Zealand.

There is a big concern about the focus on offensive capabilities of cyberwarfare with a losing focus of defense. The moral ground is not very high for the NSA with such kind of mindset.

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