Obama to Reappear on Google Hangouts After State of the Union

President Obama will once again turn to Google Hangouts to speak to American people next Tuesday after his State of the Union address. On 31st January, after State of the Union address, president will be 0n Google Hangouts to take questions from 3 American citizens from Midwest, South, West and Northeast. They will be able to ask questions related to their part of United States.

This will be another event for President Obama to use Google’s tools to interact with citizens more directly and being in control at the same time. It is an excellent publicity for Google too because president will be using and touting several new features of Google Hangouts.

This is going to be a different event unlike the previous events when all the questions to be asked were submitted before the actual event went live. This time around Obama will not only take submitted questions but also talk live.

According to a  blog post by Google, anyone can participate in the event by recording a 6o second video with a question and post it to Google+ or YouTube and share by using the hashtag #AskObama2014. Voters will then vote up or down these video questions by making use of Google+ Q&A app for Hangouts on Air and then the most popular ones will be answered by the president.

The State of the Union Address will be live on Youtube on January 28th at 9PM EST.

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