Oracle Might Buy Marketing Tech Company BlueKai for $400 Million

Oracle might buy the marketing tech start up BlueKai as early as next week for $400 million, according to a report by Business Insider.


BlueKai, a cloud based start-up,  tries to understand people’s behavior as they are surfing web with the aim for better ad targeting and offers. BlueKai is regarded as a significant player in this area.

The recent efforts of BlueKai have been focused towards smartphones, for example, letting the internet marketers to know whether the person visiting a webpage from an iPhone is the same who visited it on his or her Mac. This is quite a tough technical issue which BlueKai is trying to address.

BlueKai had a revenue of $64 million in 2013, Forbes says.

If the deal of Oracle to buy Bluekai goes through, this will be an addition to Oracle’s arsenal of technology aimed at marketing tech, which many analysts believe will be the next big thing in technology.

Presently companies spend to the tune of $4 trillion on technology budgets, most of which is channeled through their IT departments. But researchers have predicted that marketing departments will be having budgets of the same size as IT departments or even bigger by 2017. And Oracle appears to have made up its mind to not miss that transition.

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