Oracle to Acquire Networking Company Corente

oracle The software and database giant Oracle has just hinted that the software buying spree it had in 2013 is not stopping in the new year either. Apple acquired a total of 8 companies in 2013.

Oracle has announced that it is going to buy Corente,  a company that is all about software defined networking. SDN or software defined networking allows companies to optimize their networks for different applications running in the data-center and the distribution of bandwidth between those applications.

The acquisition of Corente is the second SDN company that Oracle has acquired. Earlier in 2012, it had acquired Xsigo systems. And all in all it is the fourth networks related company that Oracle will purchase since 2012. Oracle also acquired Acme Packet and Tekelec last year.

It may be noted that Oracle’s share price is trading at their highest levels of 14 years recently. They are currently trading at $37.71 but touches the highest ever price of $38.34 since 2000 on December 31st.


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