Palantir Looking for More Money After $15 Valuation

Palantir Technologies is one of those companies in the Silicon Valley which are somewhat secretive in nature. However, the company is right now raising even more money after its $15 valuation in November last year. palantir logo

The company, which had raised $500 million last year, is now 11 years old and sells data mining software to Wall Street companies and the U.S. government.

Palantir was valued at $9 billion dollar in December of 2013 and the latest valuation puts Palantir at the position of third most venture capitalists backed company after Xiaomi and Uber.

The data mining tools from Palantir allow the US government agencies like FBI and CIA to analyze large amounts of data looking for links and relationships. The data input to the tool could be anything from bank records, license plates photos, friends lists or phone numbers. Reportedly the software from Palantir helped U.S government track Osama bin Laden.

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