Phone Numbers of Snapchat Users Exposed to Hacking

Image: Snapchat

A group of Australian hackers have claimed that the phone number details of Snapchat users are exposed to hackers because of a security issue which still stands unresolved.

Snapchat is an image sharing service which allows users to send photos to each other which automatically are erased after 10 seconds. Users can share these pictures with other and create their own profiles on the service.

Gibson Security, representing anonymous hackers from Australia, have published a detailed report with all the involved software code to show the Snapchat vulnerability that can be used to gain access to users phone numbers.

A spokesman from Gibson Security has told Guardian Australia that:

“Snapchat has a feature where it will grab all the numbers from your address book, upload them to their server [which is pretty bad by itself] and suggests you friends. We discovered that if you were to go through and scan single phone number through this find friends function you could essentially obtain the phone number of a Snapchat user.”

The hacking group claims that they approached Snapchat with the security issue four months ago but could never get a response from the company. As a consequence they decided to make the vulnerability public on Christmas Day. Gibson Security has recommended that Snapchat quickly disabled find friend function and address the vulnerability as soon as possible.

Source: The Guardian Australia

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