PlayStation and Xbox Outage – ‘Lizard Squad’ Stops Attack

Philippine Sailfin LizardIn a Twitter announcement, the notorious hackers “Lizard Squad” have said that they are not going to target Xbox Live or PlayStation Network again. And the hacking group also says that thanks should be directed to Kim Dotcom, the owner of defunct file sharing website MegaUpload and the current owner of the new service named Mega. Kim Dotcom has also founded “Internet Party” of New Zealand.

Despite this statement from Lizard Squad, Xbox was at limited functionality and PlayStation network was still down as of Friday evening.

Confirming again that we are no longer attacking PSN or XBL, nor are any members. We will not be attacking them in the future. Thank MEGA.

— Lizard Squad (@LizardMafia) December 26, 2014

Kim Dotcom offered lifetime accounts on his encrypted file-sharing service named Mega to the hackers if they would stop attacking XBL or PSN.

Hi @LizardMafia, I want to play #Destiny on XBOX Live. I’ll give your entire crew Mega lifetime premium vouchers if you let us play. Cool?

— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) December 25, 2014

The hackers stopped attacks for six hours after this initial offer but started again. But they have now stated that they are not more attacking both the gaming networks.

Initially the hackers started their DDOS attacks of these gaming networks for fun but later found a bigger cause which is : to force these big tech companies to improve the security of their networks.

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