Popular Messaging App WeChat Again Under Chinese Government Attack

WeChat, one of the most popular messaging apps from Tencent Holdigns in China, is undergoing a crackdown from Chinese authorities and hundreds of popular accounts on WeChat have been removed.

According to reports from Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post and China Business News, some of the closed accounts belonged to popular journalists like Luo Changping and had hundreds of thousands of followers.

Tencent has said in a statement that it is committed to removing accounts associated with rumors, violence and pornography. A spokesman from Tencent said:

“As part of the commitment to providing quality user experience on Weixin in China, we continually review and take measures on suspicious cases of spam, violent, pornographic and illegal content.”

WeChat has more than 272 million active users as of last year. This is not the first time that Chinese authorities have took to censoring WeChat. Earlier during last year, users of WeChat were not allowed to use “nanfang zhoumo” words which means a Chinese newspaper named “Southern Weekly” that was against press control.

Human rights groups have termed this another effort to censor the freedom of expression in china. Chinese government has maintained that such measures are required for social stability and all the governments of the world resort to these measures.

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