Why PPC Advertising Remains Relevant in 2015

Because of the cut throat competition in search results, the best options that is left alongside search engine optimization (SEO) is Pay per click (PPC) advertising.

If you are sitting in the corner and have not made up your mind about PPC yet, you should come to this side of the fence because PPC delivers results.

It has been shown by some real data that pay-per-click advertising leaves a positive impact on the organic search click through rates too. Therefore, if you are already focusing on SEO, why not also try PPC advertising.

Almost all top brands of the world want to gain a visibility in search results and have huge budgets set aside for their pay-per-click advertising campaigns. According to data from Interactive Advertising Bureau report, paid search ads accounted for a total revenue of $11.8 billion which form more than 40 percent of the total internet advertising revenue.

And Pay-Per-Click advertising offers very visible benefits:

  • You only  pay when a user actually clicks on your ad based on his interests
  • The budget and cost of your Pay-per-Click advertising are controlled by you
  • You do not have to wait for SEO because you can reach the right consumer with the right ad at the right time with PPC
  • Results from PPC are quick, in fact instant and not a long time effort is needed like in the case of SEO
  • PPC can also be a good test for leveraging other marketing channels.


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