President Obama Approves Doing Away with NSA Phone Calls Database

National Security Agency SealPresident Obama has officially announced his plan to reform the NSA phone calls collection mechanism, tech blog the Verge has reported based on a report from The New York Times. The new proposal by the President will disallow NSA from keeping a database of all phone calls records.

Under the new plan, the phone carriers like Verizon and AT&T will be obliged to keep the  phone records for the same time as they are doing now and government will be allowed to get access to those records with the phone companies only after they get approval from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The new proposal also envisages that the phone companies will be required to provide “technical assistance” to NSA in case they need for the information like duration of calls, phone numbers that communicate with a phone subscriber, the timing and duration of calls etc.

The current arrangement will continue for another 90 days under the limits already set earlier this year. President said that he was working with the Congress to get his proposal enacted as a law as soon as possible. The proposal,however, allows that the government can get access to records without a court’s approval in cases of emergency under the criteria “national security concerns.”

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