PS4 Sales: Over 320,000 Units Sold Within Two Days in Japan

More than 320,000 PS4 Units were sold withing the first two days of the launch of popular video game console in Japan. These figures are in addition to the already sold 5.3 million units that Sony had sold worldwide before launching PS4 in its home country Japan.

sony ps4

The numbers have been provided by Famitsu and are not from Sony. But there is no denying that PS4 will be even more popular in Japan than in the rest of the world.

In comparison and contrast, Sony sold only managed to sell 88,443 PS3 unites within the same time in 2006. However, PS2 was more popular on its launch because it sold 630,553 units within first two days of its launch in Japan.

Nintendo also did a good job with sale of its 310,000 Wii U consoles within the same time period in Japan in 2012.

Microsoft has never been able to make an impression in the Japanese market and Xbox One is likely to follow the same path, more so when PS4 has badly beaten Xbox One elsewhere in the world.

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