Reddit CEO Outlines Abuse Policy, Tightening Controls

Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit who has assumed his position only a week ago has reiterated the Reddit will continue to ban those comments which contain any private information or those which incite violence. However, he said that some of the content deemed objectionable will remain available on Reddit, though its visibility will be decreased intentionally.

Huffman said in a statement on Reddit that all those messages and  comments that abuse, harass or bully will be banned. Similarly sexually suggestive content focused towards minors and of course spam.

These are the policies which are mostly put in place by his predecessors at Reddit, Ellen Pao, who had to resign last week after pressure over banning certain message groups.

Citing examples he  said that content like “rapingwomen” shall remain banned, however, certain racial oriented groups will be renamed. And these will not appear in search results or public listing on Reddit. And Reddit will not attempt to generate any revenue from these posts.

Huffman said, “We believe there is value in letting all views exist, even if we find some of them abhorrent, as long as they don’t pollute people’s enjoyment of the site.

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