Royal Bank of Scotland Testing Facebook at Work

Facebook has announced that Royal Bank of Scotland employees will use the business version of Facebook called Facebook at Work for communication and collaboration at work. Facebook at Work will allow the RBS employees to post events, create groups , post photos and communicate via private messages from their desks at work using iOS or Android devices.

Facebook has said that RBS is testing its Facebook at Work feature. It also said that now nearly 300 companies use Facebook at Work.

Facebook’s charm for businesses lies in its reach and they extensively use it for promotional purposes but most companies do not like their employees using Facebook while on their jobs. The product Facebook at Work is an attempt from Facebook that it is powerful enough to be used as a business tool. The service was first unveiled in January.

By launching Facebook at Work, the social media giant has positioned itself in competition with products like Chatter from Salesforce, Yammer from Microsoft, IBM’s Connections and LinkedIn etc.

RBS believes that Facebook at Work will allow its employees to exchange work related information and ideas faster. Initially it will be available to 30,000 employees by March 2016 and will be rolled out the the remaining 70,000 employees by end of next year. Currently it is in the test mode.

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