Russian Spyware Named Turla Infects US, Europe Government Computers

A sophisticated spyware has hit US and European governments’ computers, computer security firms have disclosed.

turla virus

Many security researchers and intelligence officials have told Reuters that the spyware, known as Turla, appears to be a work of Russian government and looks like it is related to an earlier malware used in 2008 U.S. military security breach.

Jim Lewis, a senior researcher at Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington has told Reuters:

“It is sophisticated malware that’s linked to other Russian exploits, uses encryption and targets western governments. It has Russian paw prints all over it.”

However, many security experts have warned at openly naming it a Russian spyware because they say that despite it looking like a Russian malware, it is not possible to confirm this because many such virus developer hide themselves in setting false flags in viruses.

Symantec Corporation has said that Turla has infected around 1,000 networks. Without identifying the organizations involved it said that most of these were government organizations.

via @ Reuters

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