Salesforce Opening 3 Data Centers in Europe

Salesforce, in a bid to further expand its business in regulated industries in Europe, is going to build 3 new data centers in France, UK and Germany.


Salesforce, the company known for its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, helps business keep the best possible track of their customers ranging from identifying them to their sales status and their email conversation record and a lot more.

However, Salesforce is a cloud based company which means that its software is not on the customers’ servers or computers but on the servers on the internet cloud. The customers access the software from Salesforce via internet. Currently servers of Salesforce are in five data centers, four of these data centers are in U.S. while one is in Japan.

There are certain regulated industries and rules that prohibit certain data to be housed locally. By opening these 3 new data centers in Europe, Salesforce is addressing these regulatory issues and make its Salesforce CRM more accessible to such organizations in Europe. Steve Garnett, the chairman of European has told Telegraph:

 “Adding European data centres is a commitment to the European business first and foremost. It also adds some extra opportunities for us in more regulated businesses and government sectors — healthcare and things like that.”

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