Galaxy S5: Samsung Sues Electronic Times Over Negative Reviews

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung has sued technology industry news website Electronic Times for $284,000 over negative reviews about the Galaxy S5 camera.

Samsung has taken exception to the negative reports published on the website related to Galaxy S5 camera, according to a report by the Korena language newspaper MediaToday. (Google Translation.)

Samsung has maintained in the lawsuit that the unfriendly news reports published on Electronic Times could affect the sales of its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone in a critical quarter and at a time when the company is trying to satisfy the fears of the investors over the less than expected sales of Galaxy S4.

Apple has been the target of negative reviews in the tech media before the launch of almost every new iteration of iPhone but it has never taken the media sites to court over their opinion about iPhone. Neither the negative reports have had any significant effects on iPhone sales over the years.

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