Samsung TV to be Powered by Tizen OS

samsung tvSamsung is a leading company in hardware but its software efforts have not taken off as yet. Now according to an announcement from the company, Samsung TVs will be mostly powered by its Tizen operating system from next year.

No pricing details or availability was given by Samsung. In fact these Tizen powered smart TVs from Samsung will be also be shown off by Samsung at the CES 2015 being held in Las Vegas from next week.

The south Korean company has announced that all of its smart TVs will now be powered by Tizen, starting 2015. By using this OS, the TVs will be able to sync with other devices like smartphones over a WiFi connection.

Tizen is a mobile operating system which Intel and Samsung have been jointly developing for many years with the initial aim of bringing it to power smartphones as a replacement for Android Mobile OS from Google.

The majority of smartphones that Samsung prepares are powered by Android which leaves little leverage for Samsung to modify the user experience. And Google has been increasingly making its rules tighter over how much user experience can be modified by the manufacturer of the smartphones. This was the real cause that pushed Samsung towards developing Tizen OS.

But Samsung has not so far been successful in launching a smartphone powered by Tizen. The analysts are of the view that the main reason behind this delay is lackluster response of the developers for this OS.

Samsung is currently the world’s largest smartphone maker but recently its smartphone sales have been cooling.

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