Slack, Workplace Chatting App is Now Worth $2.8b

The workplace chatting app, Slack has been valued at $2.8 billion in a new round of funding that raised $160 million, a spokesperson for the company has said in an email. The company has been given life again from being a failed start-up early on with the launch of this enterprise communication system in early part of 2014. The app now claims to have 750,000 active users on daily basis and 200,000 of these users are paid ones. This number has been doubled since the beginning of this year.

This round of funding has seen contributions from companies and venture capital firms like Digital Sky Technologies, Horizons Ventures, Institutional Venture Partners, Spark Capital and Index Ventures etc.

This new valuation means that Slack has actually doubled its valuation in the last six months. The company had raised $120 million dollars in October last year at a valuation of $1.12 billion. And this valuation has been reached only in less than two years as the app was first officially launched in August 2013.

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