Snapchat Apologizes for Increased Spam, Says Not connected to Hacking

snapchatgirlsIt seems that Snapchat’s tough times are not going away anytime soon. Earlier it had apologized for hacking of 4.6 million users data and now in a blog post today Snapchat has apologized for “Snap Spam” that many Snapchat users are experiencing.

The company has claimed that this spam increase is not related to the leaked phone numbers data of users. Evan Spiegel, the CEO of the company, has also said in a recent tweet that the this spam problem is not linked to leaked data but given that the two events happened closer to each other, many users will likely draw the conclusion that these are linked.

Snapchat is working to identify accounts that are spamming but no solution has been offered to users to allow them to receive snaps only from the users that are added as friends on their list. Snap chat has said that is is the result of continuously growing service and they are working to minimize it.

A spammy user can be blocked inside Snapchat app but the app itself does not provide any mechanism to report a user as spam unlike Gmail and other services.

Snapchat also had a spam problem earlier in April last year and it wrote in a blog post that:  “Spam is a problem on many services with large audiences. We know spammers totally suck and we’re working on a long term solution to prevent spam from entering your feed.”

Snapchat might still have not sorted out the spam problem but it definitely has learned to apologize when things go wrong.

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