Snapchat CEO Shying Away From Apology over Users Data Breach

snapchatlogoSnapChat CEO Evan Spiegel was on The Today Show after a very notorious Snapchat security breach that resulted in publishing of private data of 4.6 million SnapChat users on the internet. He explained in the interview what his security team was doing to prevent a recurrence of such issues in future. Hackers exploited the security vulnerability in Snapchat on New Year’s Eve and published the users data. Snapchat had been warned of this vulnerability in advance but it had refused to acknowledge it.

However, Snapchat CEO has not apologized the handling of the breach, especially after it was reported to them before the final exploit happened. He said in the interview that “I believe at the time we thought we had done enough, but in a business like this if you spend your time looking backwards, you’re just gonna kill yourself.”

Since the final hack that occurred earlier in the week, Snachap has been receiving criticism that it did not responded swiftly to the warning of the vulnerability which was pointed out to it in August. Snapchat, at that time, had dismissed the problem as a “theoretical” point of entry.


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