Software Development is a Better Job Than a Doctor in 2014: Report

According to the latest list of 100 best jobs of 2014 by US News, software developer is at number one.Doctor Duyongco And while describing it, US News notes that this work is affecting all parts of our lives. The salary is good and there are jobs in all parts of US for this and the best thing is that no graduation degree requirement is there to start.

According to the latest data from Labor Department, software developer (also interchangeable called programmer) gets an average salary of $90,060 and those in the top ten percent in this category earn average $138,880.

According to the US News study, there will be more creation of 140,000 new software development openings up to 2022.

If you find computer programming not your piece of cake, then the second best job is computer systems analyst also sometimes referred to as data scientist which is also in big demand. A data scientist’s main job is to sift through huge troves of data to get insights for the company.

A computer systems analyst can expect to earn an average of $83,800 and those in the top ten percent earn $122,090. This job is also expected to grow at a rate of 24.5 percent by 2022.

US News says that both these jobs are better than being a doctor or a dentist. The doctor ranks at number 8. Here are the top 5 best jobs, as per the report:

1:  Software developer

2: Computer systems analyst

3: Dentist

4: Nurse practitioner

5: Pharmacist

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